No I'm not at all a racer (and I don't play one on TV), but I do have fun hanging out with them, helping them out, so they can achive there goals (and mocking them along the way).   This might be winning, or just finishing.   It  all started with  some buddies going  into a race and I thought that  just sounded dumb, paying to play, but might be fun, so why not just help them out.  After the race I realized that paying to play WAS dumb, but that I was good at the tech support, and enjoyed it.   I've helped out teams over the years with bike races (24 hours of adrenaline in solo, 4 and 10 person teams, lots of  years of transrockies) ,  adventure races (sea to summit, full moon, raid the north), and local bike fundraisers (parkway parade of pain)  As a bike mechanic all summer, a general gear geek, and running rental stores I have a very good idea of what you will need for the race.   You can stop thinking and just race, let me worry about where the bike lights are, where that chicken bacon burger is, and where the sunscreen got too.    For the larger races, or larger groups, my other half is avail too (for Wrench and Wench support crew).  She is an ex bike tour guide, ex heli ski guide, ex massage theripist, ex solo 24 hours racer, and is now a nurse (and was always a great baker)Email for details, availability, references  and prices
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